' Hidden Angels - Haak Winery's Christmas Message



We want to thank the following people or groups for helping us with all the successes and problems of 2017: 

First and a Priority are the line crewmen of Center Point Energy.  Because of their swift service, we were able to save our entire inventory of wines.  Every minute counted without power and we owe them for their wonderful response.

Second, we want to thank all the volunteers that came to help us clean up after Harvey.  What a mess we had but thanks to unpaid volunteers, we were able to clean everything up in the necessary time for the winery’s tight schedule. Also our grandsons, Cory, Christopher and Harold came to the rescue.

Third, we’d like to thank our generous friends outside of our local area for sending money to help with our community----Janet & Dennis Kolano of New Jersey and Barking Rocks Winery in Granbury for their generous donations, that we passed on to the proper organizations to help.

Fourth, we’d like to thank all the members of our Wine Club.  Because of you, we are able to offer wines that we don’t sell to the public. We are excited that Dan Crisp won the free Southwest Airline tickets to anywhere in the continental USA for being members of our wine club for over a year or more.

Last but certainly not least, we want to thank our devoted family and employees for all their help all year long.  Without them, we could not function.

Please enjoy our blessed holidays and thank the Good Lord for all our Blessings.  Also make sure you enjoy with a bottle of Haak Wine, bottled with love and happiness. 


Gladys & Raymond Haak

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