' Annual Harvest Festival

Its Grape Harvest Time!

 Ever wondered what it would be like to work in a vineyard?

Come help us harvest our crop!

Our grapes are delicate and need to be picked before it gets too hot.  We anticipate a smaller crop compared to last year due to the rainy season we have had.  However, we are excited about the grapes we do have and can't wait to make wonderful wine with them. 

We will begin the morning with coffee, juice and muffins at 8:30 am so come early to enjoy.   We will begin at 9:00 am with a blessing of the harvest and safety instructions. We will pick until all grapes are harvested.  Please arrive on time to ensure you all get a chance to help in the harvest.  We will then move into the party phase of the day and enjoy delicious food from our kitchen beginning at 10:30 am.  Music by Amber & The Old Rascals will be from 11-2 pm.  Amber & the Old Rascals perform Classic rewind of 60's and 70's Country and Rock.  From Haggard to Jones, Beatles to Eagles. 

If you have questions, please email Leigh at leigh@haakwine.com

NOTE:  This is Texas agriculture - wear sensible, STURDY shoes for working outdoors - NO OPEN-TOED SANDALS.  Also, water proof shoes are not a bad idea given we could have some wet areas in the vineyard.  Bring sunscreen and a good hat with a wide brim. 

We have pairs of clippers/knives to loan you on a first come, first serve basis.  We will not have enough for everyone, so please bring your own, if you have them.  Bypass clippers (shown above) are best for snipping off grape bunches, but any kind will work.  Please watch the person working across from you or next to you - two people reaching for the same bunch of grapes at the same time can result in cut fingers.  Also, if you reach in to snip off a grape bunch and can't see your fingers due to the leaves, you can also cut your fingers.  Make sure you can see what you are clipping.

We welcome your children, but because we will be very busy, you are responsible for their safety and their actions.

We will provide plenty of cold water for you in the vineyard.  Keep yourself hydrated, and should you feel the sun start to get to you, please do sit down in the shade and have something to drink.  If you start to feel ill, go inside and sit in the air conditioning for awhile.

As in the rest of Texas, we have our share of things that scratch and bite.  Don't stand or sit in fire ant nests(!) and watch for wasps.  We will have Benadryl on hand.

Please also know we will not be doing tours on Saturday. 

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